Case: Homelessness And Social Outcome Contracts

Homelessness is a complex issue of both global and local dimensions. Demand-driven housing policies for the public good are challenged by a view of housing as a commodity and a large-scale financialization of properties and land. Meanwhile, social and economic inequalities are increasing. Although symptoms may appear differently around the world, similar structural developments are highly present at the Swedish housing market, where increasing socio-economic segregation, precarious housing contracts and homelessness among young people and families with children, have clear negative impacts on people’s everyday lives.

In collaboration with a municipality in southern Sweden, SHIC is currently producing a booklet introducing effective working methods, aimed primarily at homelessness, but in a wider sense it’s also aimed at other complex societal challenges requiring trans sectoral, impact focused collaboration. Social outcome contracts are presented as a pragmatic solution for bringing together outcome focused social initiatives with physical investments – facilitating a common effort and commitment to yield a sustainable housing situation for everyone. The booklet will be completed in the autumn of 2020.

Social & Health Impact Center

SHIC is an independent knowledge hub which provides capacity and competence to drive development. SHIC works both strategically and operationally. Learnings from other countries suggest that this type of actor is crucial. Examples are SITRA in Finland, Social Finance in UK, MaRS Centre for Impact Investing in Canada.