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Quality assured social and health measures

As social and health indicators are central when measuring outcomes in Social Outcomes Contracts, SHIC has together with  RISE Centrum för Kategoriska Mätningar constructed guidelines for quality assured human-based measures. In the guidelines, central concepts and perspectives are presented to form a constructive discussion on the matter.

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How do we move from outcome to impact?

In the discussion on social investments, concepts such as effect, outcome, and impact are used to describe the expected positive result of preventive and proactive interventions. The question is if these concepts are synonyms and if not, how they are related? The logic model, also called the theory of change, serves as a suitable tool in the orientation of these concepts. The theory of change can have both a project-specific and a general application. It illustrates the cause-and-effect chain between…

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About SHIC’s potential to decrease the transaction costs of Social Outcomes Contracts

Government Outcomes Lab published in March an article exploring how public service commissioners can improve outcomes in Social Outcomes Contracts  (SOC)*(in the article referred to as Social Impact Bonds)* by applying economic theory of transaction costs. Transaction costs are costs associated with an actor choosing to purchase a good or a service from an external actor as opposed to producing it internally. In a SOC, the risk is shared such that part of compensation for the commissioned service depend on…

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More people with mental health issues in employment – IPS as a Social Outcomes Contract

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden has together with the Swedish Association of Local Authorities (SALAR), the Cooperation Associations (Samordningsförbund), and the national and local authorities* initiated a pre-study in four municipalities in Sweden on the method Individual Placement and Support (IPS) and Social Outcomes Contracts. The aim of IPS is to help people retrieve employment based on their preferences. It also includes individual support to enable positive results at the workplace. The implementation of the method requires collaborative effort from…

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Social & Health Impact Center

SHIC is an independent knowledge hub which provides capacity and competence to drive development. SHIC works both strategically and operationally. Learnings from other countries suggest that this type of actor is crucial. Examples are SITRA in Finland, Social Finance in UK, MaRS Centre for Impact Investing in Canada.