Ongoing case to reduce sickness-absence

Botkyrka and Örnsköldsvik are part of a pilot study to develop a course of action to prevent sickness-absence and to ensure healthy work places.

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About us

SHIC catalyses the transition from knowledge to practice and improves outcomes focus and the ability to measure social and health impact on a societal and individual level. As a cross-sectoral and multi-professional actor, SHIC meets a need for a long-term implementation support focusing on the public sector in Sweden.

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Who we are
About SHIC

About Social & Health Impact Center

Social and Health Impact Center increases the pace of transition towards proactive solutions, with a focus on improved social and health outcomes. Problem areas such as short-termism, lack of incentives and unclear objectives are tackled with refined forms of cooperation and financing models as well as improved ability to measure effects – both for society and individuals. Growing expectations of welfare services, demographic and societal change, and increasing rates of knowledge production are straining the public sector in Sweden and…

International cooperation

Social Outcomes Contracts (Social Impact Bonds, Development Impact Bonds, or Health Impact Bonds as called internationally) has received increased attention as a model to tackle societal and health related challenges in the Nordic countries. Although the design of the social outcomes contract have some common features in the different countries, the level of experience, target area and involved actors differ. Hence, knowledge exchange is a crucial part in the development and optimization of Social Outcomes Contract. In 2017 RISE, together…

What is a Social Outcomes Contract?

The main feature of a Social Outcomes Contract (SOC) is that improved social and health outcomes lead to a financial return for the involved parties and the saving of public finances. This is regulated through the social outcomes contract between the commissioner and the investor(s). The role of each party of the contract vary depending on context, and thus, the structure of the contract varies. However, the SOC has some permanent features: The commissioner makes a commitment to the investor…

What we do

Case: Homelessness And Social Outcome Contracts

Homelessness is a complex issue of both global and local dimensions. Demand-driven housing policies for the public good are challenged by a view of housing as a commodity and a large-scale financialization of properties and land. Meanwhile, social and economic inequalities are increasing. Although symptoms may appear differently around the world, similar structural developments are highly present at the Swedish housing market, where increasing socio-economic segregation, precarious housing contracts and homelessness among young people and families with children, have clear…

Case: Collective Impact Model For Husby

Together with Folkets Husby and the Stockholm Region, SHIC has been involved in developing a framework and manifesto for Collective Impact in the city district area Husby. During the autumn of 2020, the manifesto will be anchored among relevant actors working with issues related to mental health within the district. This marks the start of a three-year project where a structure for collaboration between residents, civil society, business and relevant public parties will be established. Within this collaboration structure, projects…

Case: The Next Generation Of Social Services For Children And Youth

In the spring of 2020, a collaboration was initiated between Hässelby-Vällingby’s district administration, Sweden’s Municipalities and Regions (SKR) and the Social and Health Impact Center (SHIC), with the overall aim of developing a new model for early social support for children and youth in the district. Many social service offices around the country experience that too few preventive measures are being taken for risk groups – individuals do often receive help only when they have already developed a serious problem.…

Case: Botkyrka and Örnsköldsvik

During fall 2017, a pre-study was conducted in seven municipalities of Sweden. The purpose was to identify models for investing in preventive and early actions for better health and working environment for employees. The pre-study was conducted in collaboration with the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR), Lumell Associates, The European Investment Bank, Impact Invest Scandinavia and Kommuninvest. Seven analyses were conducted in total. In the analysis a particularly vulnerable group was identified, with a large number of…

We work in SHIC
Our team

Tomas Bokström

Project manager

Phone: +46 10 516 56 07

Tomas Bokström is responsible for establishing SHIC and cases, as well as finding new R&D collaborations. Tomas supports the operative work with competence within analysis, intervention design, implementation and evaluation. Previously, Tomas has worked at Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR) where he has developed models for social investments. Tomas is also a part of the intermediate for the first SIB in Sweden with Norrköping municipality and Leksell Social Ventures.

Lovisa Vildö

Project manager

Phone: +46 10 516 50 00

Lovisa Vildö supports the operative work with competence within data analytics, strategy development, situational analysis and evaluation. Previously, Lovisa worked at Kairos Future where she focused on projects for the public and civic sectors. Lovisa holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a MSc in Statistics from Uppsala University.



Johan Lidman


Phone: +46 72 230 56 02

Johan Lidman holds a MSc in Econometrics from Stockholm University and works with quantitative analysis and implementation support.

Jacob Wisén


Tlf: +46 70 311 50 44
Jacob Wisén works with the development and implementation of measurments of social values, qualitative analysis and implementation support around social contracts. He holds a BSc in Economics and a MSc in International Social and Public Policy at the London School of Economics

Dorthe Norman

Project Manager

Tlf: +46 70-3415057

Dorthe Norman contributes to the operational work with knowledge from project management, change management and quality development. She has extensive experience of conducting organisational development work in both public and private sectors. Dorthe has an MSc in Business Administration from the Aarhus School of Business and an MSc in Strategy and Control from Linköping University.



Josefin is a master student in global political economy at Stockholm university, with a background in human resource management and gender studies. She makes her internship at SHIC during spring 2021.

Magnus P. Johansson


Magnus is a researcher with a background as a psychologist and PhD in behavior analysis. His research involves prevention, implementation, and sustainability in multiple sectors, from elementary school to workplaces. Magnus supports work with public health, research reviews, intervention and evaluation design, implementation strategies and quality assured measurement.




Krim Talia


Dr Talia holds a Phd from the Stockholm School of Economics. After finishing his PhD he held the position of Postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Economics at Harvard University. Dr Talia has also served as a Vice president of Health and Lifescience at RISE. Krim took the initiative to start the Social and Health Impact Center at RISE and is currently an advisor at SHIC.

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Social & Health Impact Center

SHIC is an independent knowledge hub which provides capacity and competence to drive development. SHIC works both strategically and operationally. Learnings from other countries suggest that this type of actor is crucial. Examples are SITRA in Finland, Social Finance in UK, MaRS Centre for Impact Investing in Canada.