About Social & Health Impact Center

Social and Health Impact Center increases the pace of transition towards proactive solutions, with a focus on improved social and health outcomes. Problem areas such as short-termism, lack of incentives and unclear objectives are tackled with refined forms of cooperation and financing models as well as improved ability to measure effects – both for society and individuals.

Growing expectations of welfare services, demographic and societal change, and increasing rates of knowledge production are straining the public sector in Sweden and in other high-income countries. Despite established and growing knowledge of the need for preventive, early and individualized solutions to avoid negative social outcomes and large societal costs, implementation is not sufficient.

This motivates improved strategic and operative support to the public sector to achieve a system change towards a societal and economic sustainable use of resources. SHIC offers such support and contributes to capacity building for our partners. Through the knowledge hub we share experiences from concrete methods and cases and provide material for policy development. SHIC is an initiative from RISE. It was established in 2018 with support from Sweden’s innovation agency (Vinnova).

Social & Health Impact Center

SHIC is an independent knowledge hub which provides capacity and competence to drive development. SHIC works both strategically and operationally. Learnings from other countries suggest that this type of actor is crucial. Examples are SITRA in Finland, Social Finance in UK, MaRS Centre for Impact Investing in Canada.